About TS

This is a blog. The things you read here are all fictional things. The vision is that these characters – written by a diverse group of people interested in playing with fiction – will begin to interact and get to know each other as their stories progress.

You can read about:









Enjoy. Comment. Let these people know if they’re crazy or brilliant or some combination of the two.

Interested in contributing to Trickster Syndicate? E-mail jaminicole and she’ll get you an invite: jamiherring@gmail.com


4 responses to “About TS

  1. How does one get involved in this? 🙂

  2. So, let me see if I understand how this works, from a writer’s perspective…

    You come up with your character, and then just start writing. Do you have to know where the story is going? I like the concept; kind of like (nerding out here, lol) creating a character for an rpg, and then seeing where the adventure takes them. They have a basic back story, but the point is to live out their adventure without a clear destination. Do I have it about right? I’m interested in joining…

    • That’s pretty much it!

      I think most of us had thought of our characters before…but this is a new experience for them. They’re meandering around the blog, and bumping into each other.

      If you’re interested in joining, I’ll send you an invite!

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