Reality break:

Ok guys, REALLY?  There are SIX OTHER WRITERS on this site. WHY IS THERE NOTHING NEW?!


5 responses to “Reality break:

  1. Agree’d. // I’m still waiting to see what happens in Vegas .. ❤

  2. I suck at life?

    Sorry. I’ve been called out. I have no choice. I have to do this now.

  3. Me too. Life is being evil.
    I promise I’ll get 3 posts (and LONG ONES) up this month. For real.

    Please don’t hate me. 😦

  4. Agreed. I’m about to start something… “Hangover” style. Somebody stop me!

  5. Hello gals and guy! I am so sorry I have not written and hope you will still allow me to be a part of this wonderful project… I echo Risha’s sentiment, life has been extremely evil/I have forgotten about poor, wayward Kate, but I will most definitely contribute very soon, if I am still allowed the privilege! 🙂

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