the people you run into.

So maybe the drinking and driving wasn’t the best idea.

Karen and I were full on asleep when Darcy ran into the back of that poor girl’s car.  Apparently she was asleep too. Thankfully the impact wasn’t earth shattering, as her foot fell off the gas pedal. We more or less just coasted into the car.

Still, the impact was enough to jar us awake,  but just small enough for Karen to skip being concerned and go straight to screaming at Darcy, who seemed a little caught off guard, but not very upset.  I heard the engine die as Darcy tried to throw the car in reverse to back out of her mess, but it was clear the Honda was no more at this point. More or less, she rolled her eyes, set the e-brake, and got out of the car, and slammed the door mid Karen sentence about irresponsibility.

She walked around the front of the car and inspected the damage. I saw the driver of the other car open the driver’s door and step out.  Another girl. Our age. She stepped out holding a cigarette and walked up to Darcy, arms crossed in front of her.  She didn’t say anything, just looked at Darcy with a look that said something like “Sure? Why not?”

I got the immediate feeling things were going just about as well for her as they were for me.

Darcy smiled a little, waiting for a response out of the girl. She just stood there, staring at the front of Karen’s Honda sufficiently shoved up the ass of her own little old car.

Darcy finally broke the silence.  “Well, ha. Where you headed?”

Karen paced and stewed, glaring at Darcy, messing with the battery on her cell phone like she could get it to suddenly charge by taking it out and plugging it back in.

“Vegas,” said the girl.

“Funny thing,” Darcy said. “So are we.”



2 responses to “the people you run into.

  1. i’m pretty sure i’v fallen in love.. 😀

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