She’s so rocksteady, she’s always ready…

I crossed the Louisiana state line, and named the Porsche Black Betty. Headin’ for ‘Bama-man.

I am bonding with this car.

Betty and I.

She acts like a woman in her mid thirties who just got divorced and is having a fucking ball with all her court winnings and blowing them on a trip crazy vacation with a long lost girlfriend.  After being kept in a garage that long, this girl is ready to party and stretch her legs a little.   I feel like she tells me stories during our drive. I like getting the feel of her preferences and talents.

Even though there’s no air conditioning, I have my lovely mammoth seat covers to soak up the sweat.  I drive with the windows down in shifts because the bugs are so bad, its almost as if I don’t have a windshield sometimes.

I’m heading to New Orleans. We’ll see what stories Betty and I can come up with together. I have no idea what I’ll do there, so for now, I’ll just plan on observing.  I’m not sure why I started heading that way. Maybe Black Betty is actually a creole girl masquerading as a European car.  Whatever makes her up, she’s spicy.

I think I’ve become attracted to my car. This could very well be a sign of a few things. The first is that I’ve been in my own company for far too long, and I’ve taken to personalizing inanimate objects.  The second is that I could very well be a lesbian.

But what I know for sure right now is that I am thoroughly enjoying the feel of this car. She revs up, lets out, and we fly down the road together. I love shifting, I love the speed, I love what she sounds like when I start her. I like that she shined right up with good wash and wax. I love looking at her with backgrounds that are foreign to me. I love that us together equals freedom. Freedom from the skies, freedom from other people, from heartbreak.

I’m falling for her. Fast.

Maybe that man divorced his wife because she fell in love with this car. I can see it happening. Or maybe she ran off with a Ferrari named Lorenzo and left Betty behind.  But I can see a string of infidelities starting with this girl. She’s trouble, she’s adventurous. She’s up for anything and I fucking love it.

The lesbian porn in the glove compartment is really starting to make sense now.



2 responses to “She’s so rocksteady, she’s always ready…

  1. I love this.

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