What a riot.

Hello Void. How are you today?

Feeling empty? Or full?  Oh void, you keep me company. I fly through you, and spit into you, I talk at you and send words through you. So void, this is what’s going on right now.

I was sent to DC to cover some riots going on out there.  I’ve never ventured into Political journalism before. My editor insists I’ll have a fresh take on things, but really, that ‘fresh’ take is probably just an ignorant take. I tend to stay out of things where my opinion is not involved. And in politics, I know everyone has an opinion. But I also know that everyone doesn’t give a shit about everyone else’s opinion. So really, why waste the paper and ink?  I really have to think about how I’m going to write and approach this. Maybe I should pick up a Huffington Post to read on the next flight. Or maybe I should remain uncorrupted and risk sounding like a total idiot in my next piece.  But then people can google me and see that my background is in music journalism, and then, I can just blame my editor.  Yeah. That sounds like a good plan.

It was pretty difficult to get any kind of an interview, but I managed to snag a couple good quotes.  Mostly on the Republican side.

As it stands right now, my publishers have stranded me in Alexandria in a B & B while the action is happening outside of congress. Thank god for the WA state senator Daniels.   Without those quotes, I would probably be without a paycheck, and most likely, stranded in DC for much longer than anyone ever should be.  I got a card for Daniels and was told to call any time if I needed any more information or more talk time on issues. This can prove useful.  *added to rolodex.*

In other news, I think I’m headed to L.A. next. Get to do a nice A&E piece down there, do a few interviews, and have about two days to relax before I hit the skies again.

I just saw a ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag pass the coffee shop window. I think I should probably follow it.

More later.


One response to “What a riot.

  1. Oh…oh, I see what you did there.

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